Reclaiming Life Series

Bracken Point is full of dirty little secrets.

Twenty-six-year-old Samantha Barrett carries secrets from her childhood. Secrets that she kept from her twin sister. Secrets that only cocaine could hide.

As she plunges deeper into her addiction, her world crumbles. Her twin is murdered, leaving her with few allies. Samantha’s self-worth, friendships and love all suffer as she struggles with sobriety.

When the truth about her sister’s murder is revealed, she learns she’s not the only one keeping secrets. Will Samantha come to terms with her past or succumb to her addiction?


Bracken Point is full of dirty little secrets. And Cassie Roberts has her fair share.

To the outside world, Cassie has it together. She went to the right school, was financially sound and made wise decisions with her relationships. Until the unthinkable threatens to destroy her.

Michael Grant epitomizes the irresponsible party boy. Still reeling from events that occurred in his teenage years, he’s perfected the cut and run when relationships get difficult. 

As their attraction grows, will they help each other overcome their issues or tear each other apart?

Bracken Point is full of secrets, but none top the ones Tobias Sawyer is ordered to keep.
Sent undercover, Tobias arrives at the small town of Bracken Point determined to solve the case and leave. But he never counted on meeting Madeline Grant.
Ten years ago, Madeline was injured in a house fire, leaving severe burns over her body. Now at twenty, she prefers life behind the scenes, not wanting people to see her scars. When Tobias begins to notice her, will Madeline let down her guard or run away?

Short Story Anthologies

Christmas Magic is everywhere.

Curl up by the fire and let these seven stories of Christmas transport you into new worlds. Explore friendships, family dynamics, and love as the magic of Christmas changes their perspective on life.

Will they surrender to the magic of Christmas?

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