2021- Moving Forward 5 Intentional Ways to Write Productively

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Begin as you mean to go. I hold those words close. In 2021, I mean to blog, write, create and share consistently. In 2020, life got in the way. It was a year we’ll all remember, but most were glad to see go. As we look forward into 2021, here are the intentional steps I intend to take to ensure a better, emotionally stable and productive year.

  1. Set reasonable goals~ It’s easy to set lofty goals at the start of a new year. But that can only frustrate and discourage when those goals fall by February. Choose small goals. I aim to write 500 words a day. That’s achievable. I aim to publish one novel. That’s achievable. Then if I’m able to produce more, I will, and it’s still a win.
  2. Celebrate each goal met~ Reward yourself as you meet your goals. This will keep motivation up and by golly, you deserve it!
  3. Plan downtime~ Make sure you have time to rest, away from your goals, away from writing, and away from everything else that could bog you down. Rest and recharge at least once a week, if not more.
  4. Don’t compare~ This is key. Everyone is different. If someone on Twitter wrote 10,000 words in a day, good for them. You don’t have to. Remember, you’re setting reasonable goals, not stressful goals.
  5. Have some fun~ Write what you love, what sparks you, and what brings you joy. Have fun with your story. Try something unique.

Go into 2021 determined to be successful, but more importantly, go into 2021 determined to be happy and fulfilled with a calm purpose.

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