Second Draft Podcast

Writing Advice

Need a new podcast? Want some writing advice? The Second Draft Podcast could be just what you need.

This new podcast is hosted by myself, Alaine Greyson, and horror/dark fiction author S. C. Morgan. At this date, we have four episodes uploaded with a new one every Tuesday. We strive to share writing advice that we have learned throughout our writing and publishing journeys.

Episode 1

Alaine and S. C. discuss how the podcast came together before moving on to the Writing Tip where they compare their thoughts on what exactly a first draft is. 

Next, Alaine and S. C. open up the Writer’s Perspective discussion with a look at how they record their first drafts – pen & paper vs. the laptop. 

Episode 2

Alaine and S. C. discuss what second draft can do for your writing and how it affected the final version of Chasing Peace. This episode’s Writing Tip takes a look at Alaine’s favorite part of writing, dialogue. 

Next, Alaine and S. C. discuss plotting vs. pantsing in this edition of the Writer’s Co-Host Perspective discussion and get a laugh from some of their writing style differences. 

Episode 3

Alaine and S. C. discuss exactly what drives your story – either characters or plot. For this episode’s writing tip, they look at how to get rid of those pesky filler words. And speaking of pesky filler words, the authors kick off a new section of the podcast, Rules to Write by, discussing Adverbs .

Episode 4

Opening this episode, Alaine and S. C. dig into the differences between writing a short story and a novel and how the process changes during the evolution of those stories. 

The writing tip involves varying the sentence length in your prose – why you do it and how it benefits your story. 

The authors then delve into this episode’s Rules to Write by and examine one of the oldest rules in the book – show, don’t tell except when you should

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You can find us on Twitter at @AlaineGreyson, @SCMorgan_Author and @2nddraftpodcast. Tweet questions to #ask2DP to be featured in our last episode!

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